Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Evony: Age II - Colonization

Colonization is a new form of attack in the new Evony: Age II. In order to colonize someone you must be a Baronet.

Colonizing is when you make someone a vassal of yours, you get a percentage of everything they produce. They can at some point, rise up against you.
Thanks Abracax

After you run an "Colonize" mission on a city, if you are successful in your attack you enter a "colonization period". From our experience this is roughly 5 hours. After the colonization period, if the player does not uprise against you, the city becomes your colony.

To perform actions on your colony, click on "City Overview" of the city you colonized with and click on "Valleys" and choose the "Colonies" tab. Click view on the colony you wish to perform an action on and you should see a bunch of buttons. They are as follows:
+ Tax Imposition
+ Disarmament
+ Food Levy
+ Draft
+ Pop. Redeployment
+ Sow Discord
+ Abandon: Abandons the colony.

When you click on a city (yours or another player's) you'll see a Suzerain now as well. If a city is colonized by someone the suzerain shows you who the colonizing lord is.

When you are colonized you can start an uprising to become uncolonized. To do this, go to the city that has been colonized and click on your town hall. Under the valleys tab click on the "Uprising" button.

YOu may also go to the "Quests" button and go to "Commission Quest". From there you can issue an anti-colonization quest for other players to help you get rid of the offender. You have to post up a reward for this.


  1. i play another online game that has a feature exactly like colonization. im not one to accuse evony of stealing idea's, infact i think this is an awesome addition to the game actually

  2. great idea wish the evony age 2 gets here soon i want to start using the new things :D

  3. evony has not stolen this idea it was part of the original game before the age one you play. I was able to colonize a city and been colonized and gotten free really sucks for new player. It was exploited by older players on new players so it was not included when the age one you play was made.

  4. i say that the maker own several other online games and just incorporated features from these other games like Kingory into the new Evony Age II to increase $$$ profit.

  5. But there's no real explaination as to what each one of the choices does..or how long they are imposed, and if you can change them at any time

  6. "Under the valleys tab click on the "Uprising" button."
    This is no longer accurate. To initiate uprising go to the Suzerains city and click the uprising button there.

  7. And now the uprising option seems to have disappeared. What a lovely surprise.

  8. yea I've been colonized and this stinks.. if you are small you have no chance of succeeding in the game..because bigger players will exploit this to their advantage ... you have a 5 hour window where you can do nothing to defend yourself... so basically your their colony to do with you as they please.. that is no fun and personally I think Evony will suffer from allowing such a maneuver to be used in this way.